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Through the Glass Darkly 

Available on Amazon in e-Book, Kindle, and softcover editions.  PG-13.  Adult. Some language, violence, sexual innuendo. Collection of 15 short stories. 237 pages. Soft cover. Illustrated by Ray Ferrer. Cover design by Graham Marsden.

5.0 out of 5 stars What a treasure! June 2, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Marsden is not only a craftsman of words, but a master storyteller as well. His book is a collection of eerie tales that left me with the shivers, and the need to check under the bed before going to sleep. The story, “The Cicadas,” puts a creepy spin on cemeteries and is reminiscent of the old horror films of the fifties—a little Poe, too. “Petya y Volk” also has that nostalgic feel. The stories are just the right length in which to become completely absorbed and enjoy little slices of the unearthly.

Stinky and the Night Mare

Children ages 2 to 6. Illustrated by Jessie Luo. Hardcover only. Available online at,, Books A Million, Powells, and Warren Publishing, Inc. Signed copies available at some independent bookstores, and by emailing me at skipmars at gmail dot com. 


By Christeen Bauer on January 5, 2015

Format: Hardcover

Stinky and the Night Mare got my attention with its title. Very clever. I love the simple writing technic of this author and I think you will too. I do not wish to be a spoiler of the story so I will simply say….occasionally all children will need help with falling to sleep – bed time stories help relax and distract youngsters into drifting off, Stinky and the Night Mare is perfect for such occasions. From a wakeful wanting to sleep in her parents bed to drifting off to perfect dreamtime slumber, Stinky has the sleep adventure every child hopes for. Story well done by the author….illustrations perfect for the story and an ending that meets its goal. I rate this book a 5 star. ( I was gifted this book for an honest review and I feel I have given it).
I had the privilege of previewing STINKY! And all I can say is that I can’t wait to get my “hands-on” copy. They will be Christmas gifts, for sure, to all the kiddos I know. It is an excellent children’s story that adults will cherish as well and enjoy reading. I put it in the same category as the children’s books: Stella Luna, Where The Wild Things Are, and Polar Express. The illustrations and story are mesmerizing. You will want to read over and over again!

 Infinitezip   (K. Laettner)

As the year comes to a close I realize I am nearing my one year anniversary here at the lovely WordPress homestead. I am so very thankful for those wonderful writers I have met and the books and words of the many I have read. I have several reviews to tend to and time is always so hard to come by but today I am doing my first book review on this blog.

Not having any children, but having the mind of whimsy that thoroughly seeks words of magic and joy, I was giddy with happiness when in my mailbox appeared a lovely shiny child’s book gifted to me by the wonderful L. Stewart Marsden. The dark colors and large eyes of the girl on the cover led me to believe that there would be some spookiness within the pages, and as I opened to the beginning was given the gift of a lovely poem that I reread three times before beginning the tale of Stinky.
“What would you do, if you would, if you could?” Well, I stopped right there and asked myself that very question. The possibilities were endless. To read this to a child and to spark within their minds the possibilities, well I must say that is a wonderful thing.

As children we are taught to dream beautiful magical things, and as we grow older we tend to forget about the simple things like believing and dreaming and make-believe. This beginning poem re-opened the possibilities and I was so thankful for that reminder.

So next, delving into the story itself (and going in blind I might add), I expected the story to be about nightmares. Well, having an adult mind for the most part that is what most would think, right? Well, not exactly. This is a wonderful story about a child, “Stinky” who could be belligerent and want her own way when it was time to go to bed. In the most magical way, the master story creator weaves a tale of this girl and the magic that can happen with the help of a diamond-shaped nightlight with a star on it. If you read my blog you know that any mention of stars just leaves me tickled pink and to see this in the story made me love it even more.

I don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t tell you the whole story but let’s just say it involves a beautiful horse, a mare who comes at night. Hence the night mare.
My niece loved the book but would not let me take her picture reading it as she was having a bad hair moment as any proper seven-year old girl will tell you, no photos please….my hair just isn’t up to it.  I guess she was being a little “stinky” over it, but that’s okay.

The illustrations are vibrant and bring this story to life. Jessie Luo is the artist and does magnificent work.

If you have a child and are looking for a beautiful gift to give, I highly recommend this book, and even if you don’t have any kiddies, well I find it will be a great book for an adult who still believes in magic, stars and beautiful horses that visit at bedtime.

Thank you Skip for your beautiful book that I will cherish. Please visit his blog and read the tales of Stinky and hop on over and buy a copy for the holidays or a special occasion gift for a child…or magical adult.


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  1. in567 April 26, 2017 at 1:51 am #

    Stinky?! Thanks for introducing this cool book to me. Will look for it.


    • skipmars July 12, 2017 at 2:03 pm #

      Available on in hardback only.


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