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The Roller Coaster – reposted

23 Aug

The Roller Coaster
by L. Stewart Marsden

Clanking loudly up we climb
Blue sky is all we see
As we ascend I think that I’m
Not ready for the free fall
next to come once we’ve
o’ercome the summit – and leave
the slowness of our pace
to plummet through both time and space
to ten thousand feet below.

As we dive at breakneck speeds
I wonder why I didn’t heed
my inner warnings not to go,
yet despite the things I know
I turned and said, “I do.”
And the ensuing rock-about
which slings me up and nearly out
in spite of how I cry and shout
does not slow or stop.

And you sit laughing, head flung back,
enjoying both the speed and fall,
while I wish I’d re-decideded
my choice to take the ride at all,
as bile and gall build up inside,
I muster all to save my pride
and keep from heaving ho –
I know there’s miles of track to go
before we ever start to slow.

After spinning upside down
and turning circles all around
I’m fairly certain I am bound,
when this ride’s through,
to kiss the ground.
And finally, finally, FINALLY
we start to finally slow,
and I can’t wait to stand and go
on wobbly legs with woozy head,
you grab my arm and say instead,
“You wanna ride again?”
I look, and while my vision spins,
and stomach churns with breakfast stuff,
I answer, with a sickly grin,
“I think six times is quite enough.”


Reblogging on the occasion of reading another’s use of the roller coaster metaphor, only related to adolescence. If you would like to read that poem, click below to be hyperlinked.

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