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The last supper plate

2 Apr

The last supper plate

A reprise of The Last Dinner Plate


By L. Stewart Marsden



Balanced precariously on the edge of the kitchen island,

the hand-thrown pottery plate, last of a set of eight place settings

seemed to beg for a bump — a nudge — a jostle

to urge it and its contents down to the linoleum floor

where it shattered

in oh . . . so . . . slow . . . motion

and burst apart — uncountable shards of fired gray clay

skinned in thick Robin egg-shell blue

ushering the demise of days

where the we’s and the I’s dwindled down to

the me’s and the you’s;

the last blue glazed plate lay unmendable,


unusable for the last intended supper.


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 2 April, 2015