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18 Apr



By L. Stewart Marsden

What sole soul has not reached a place
Where her measured pace
Becomes little more than plodding forward,
Bracing against wind and rain and cold,
Aging older and older,
Too tired to tow another burden or bear
Another day or hour or minute or instance?

Are you so immune and protected?
Do you not detect this march is unto death and beyond?
Can you so carelessly wave off the sharpness of
The wind,
The rain,
The cold,
To be so recklessly bold that you feel sealed against
Their cutting edges,
Never to bleed?










Virtual hope

8 May

Virtual hope

By L. Stewart Marsden

I writhe
in virtual agony
from behind my side
of a protective flat screen

having seen
the faces of
beautiful women far away
on the portal’s other side

who hide
in mystery lives
which I can’t see
or hope to become part —

my heart
ever slowly beats
to think that I
might ever meet just one

at some
small quaint café
to sip and talk
and share the ending day

perhaps say
“Again next week?
or even somewhat sooner?”
and await the smiling answer …

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 8 May, 2015


3 Mar


by L. Stewart Marsden

Nothing’s pure
Nothing’s safe
There’s always one small
festering trace
of toxic waste
that incubates
and sits and waits
abiding time
until the moment
it must vent
and remind and seal the fate
of those who think they’re pure
and safe.
Only, nothing is.