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Addendum to One Writer’s Dilemma

30 Nov


Addendum to One Writer’s Dilemma

In the previous post I waxed about the usage of profanity and explicit sex in my writing — which heretofore has been nonexistent. Well, crass profanity. I’ve used hell and damn and gd, and even f*ck in one story. Still makes me look around for my mother to come bursting in and ask “Who the HELL just said that?”

And sex? Innuendo. Almost exclusively. Mainly because an intimate scene has not come to mind as part of progressing the plot or subplot of a story. Until now.

Profanity for profanity’s sake, or sex for sex’s sake is not my milieu.

I don’t deny that interest in sex began for me at an early age. Thank my sisters’ Barbie dolls, and the monthly issue of National Geographic for that. And the fact the next door neighbors had a copy of Playboy on their coffee table in their basement rec room.

But, there was always a distinction between s*e*x and the girl your mom wanted to bring home. And I knew that I and my siblings were definitely NOT conceived as a result of joyous romping under the sheets by my parents, but a dutiful resignation to ensuring the family name would endure.

Hence the prudish attitude (at least on the surface) towards sex, which hung on in my writing.

I said until now.

Now I have two characters who are attracted to each other. This is NOT a Fifty Shades plot, by the way. He is divorced after many years of marriage, and she has her own past, which hasn’t yet come to light.

She is drawn to him, and he to her. He is, however, a reluctant and arm’s length kind of guy. And, as the plot would have it in the second part of this story, she is the persuer, and she pursues. Perhaps conquers is the operative word.

Here’s where you come in, if you are game. I’ll upload the scene I’ve written that made me very uncomfortable as a person and a writer. Say Yes under comments, and I’ll go to your site and leave the password and how to find the passage.

It will be out of context, but I will give enough background for you to have at least an iota of understanding.

Then I’d like you to comment about the passage. However you want to comment. I promise you won’t be linked to any salacious website, and the passage is definitely not illustrated. Just words.

It’s an exercise on my part to improve this area that I am normally reluctant to write. Perhaps it’s catharsis, in a way. I mean, all writing is therapeutic, right?

Thanks in advance if you chose to participate. From one writer to another, I appreciate your willingness to comment.