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24 Mar


By L. Stewart Marsden


You dare demand fair?
All equal and the same?
All share the time and place and then
No losers in the game?
And no one wins?

You dare demand fair?
Where seas are flat and oceans calm
Where winds that blow are soft and safe
And all ships head into the sun?
No waves
No clouds
No treacherous reefs
No storm-streaked nights of gale-sized strife
And all sail easy, harbor-bound
With nothing dangerous ever found?

You dare demand fair?
Where roads and trails are flat and straight
And easy to the leg and foot
Where nothing tests nor challenges
No sweat
No strain
No loss
No gain?
No mountain ranges sharp nor steep,
No pass to wind through valleys deep
Nor vistas gained from thin arêtes?

You dare demand fair?
It would be the most unfair
To make things equal everywhere
And you would never have to dare
Or quake
Or doubt
Or shake your courage up to face
An unfair path
Or stormy sea
Or overwhelming adversity
To strengthen you and your resolve
To carve your character and your fight
So you have victory through the night.

You still demand fair?

 Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 24 March, 2015