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20 Apr

BREAKING NEWS: Animal Federation employs MOAB* to send message to imminent domain residents.

SUGAR MTN, NC — The Western North Carolina Chapter of the Wild Animal Federation sent a definite message to residents of Chestnut Ridge in Sugar Mountain last night.

The message? GET OUT!

“We were here first,” said chapter spokes-“person” Pogo, an opossum elected by the Wild Animal Federation to represent their complaints.

“These interlopers, not to be confused with cantalopers or antelopers, forced their way onto our reservation without so much as a how-do-you-do. It’s gone on way too long. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to put up with it any longer!”

Bud, the bad-ass black bear who is the Enforcer of the group, volunteered to do the deed, which was under the cover of night.

“Sure, come sneaking up in the dark. Pretty cowardly if you ask me,” said one of two year-round residents.

“Fine with me,” said the other year-round resident, who asked to remain anonymous. “I got my 30-ought-6 loaded and at the window if they want to test me!”

“It’s not only the bears,” said the first residents. “Deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and crazy-ass Robins have colluded to make this serene and picturesque area a place of potential carnage! What we NEED is a wall to keep these critters OUT!”

Both sides have been reluctant to come to the bargaining table.

“Just look at me!” complained Bud, the alleged perpetrator of last night’s melee. “I’ve put on 183 pounds this month due to all of the sugar and fat these humans have tossed! It’s not only unHEALTHY for ME, it’s a cruel kind of baiting I think has got to stop. Look at all the damn bird feeders, for crissakes! There’s not a wren or a titmouse for miles around able to fend for themself anymore. They’ve all become dependant. It’s like — here’s some free and easy bird seed — come and get it! Then, in the winter, these snowbirds fly south and take their birdfeeders with them! That’s as bad as giving away a free hit of heroine, if you ask me!”

The decades-old battle between squatters (how the animals refer to the humans) and animals is not likely to find resolution any time soon.

“They are just not like us,” murmured Bud under his garbage breath.

“Animals is what they are!” replied one of the year-round residents.

*Mother of all Bears


Garbage carnage as a result of MOAB attack during last night’s raid



Query: looking for contributors to Anthology on Aging

21 May


Anthology on Aging

Poems, stories, essays, art and photography (and more)

on the Golden Years


I’m aware of more and more excellent work being done on the broad subject of aging. As I’m sliding down that slippery silver slope myself, I find much of my writing geared in that direction.

Are you writing about that time of life? Drawing? Photographing? Recording?

If so, and if you would consider contributing to a project that would be self-published, let me know by emailing me at skipmars at gmail dot com.

Agreeable details can be ironed out by agreeable people, I think.

How about you?

Wanna try?



Western Reverie

26 Jun

Can you name the characters and the TV shows?









There are 10 correct answers for the character roles, and eight correct answers for the shows they represent.

How many can you guess without Google?


Sunday Brunch at Waterford

28 Apr


Graham donates his hair 30 years later

7 Aug

Graham marks a 30 year anniversary of his diagnosis by donating his hair. The Ashton Kutcher look-alike has a story you might want to read: Graham’s Story.

Survey: How many words in a Short Story?

16 Jul

I’m currently working on a story that started out as a short story. It’s to be part of my compilation of my short stories for a book I plan to self-publish in the near future.

Here’s the catch: the story seems to have a life of its own, and has just hit  9,500 words with no sign of slowing down.

When does a short story cease to be a short story? 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 words? Or does it matter?

What do YOU think? Give a word count and a reason. No fair googling.

Best answer will get a free copy of my compilation once it has been completed. Expected finish date is late summer/early fall of this year. Complete with illustrations by Ray Ferrer at Contest ends Monday, June  23, 2012.

My two daughters (ages 13 and 9) and I will judge the entries.

L. Stewart