Vulnerability v. It Ain’t Easy Being Green

16 Jul




It Ain’t Easy Being Green


Remember Kermit the Frog’s smash hit? A banjo on his lap, and he atop a tree stump in a swamp? His guppy-yup voice crooning out the plight of being a frog. His dashed eyes looking unblinking about. 

Not true. About being green.

I think of all the live green things in the world (snakes, alligators, lizards and such) and realize most of us avoid the green things. Except in the South. In the South, all green living things are fair game for a soup or succotash. And need I mention Fried Green Tomatoes?

There are few in this world that truly have it easy, regardless of color. Oh, social status and money does go a long way in smoothing out a lot of things, but not everything.

Mostly we’re vulnerable involuntarily. When we’re asleep. Well you have to sleep! And like as not nothing is going to creep up on you in the dark. But vulnerable you are, just the same.

And when we’re on the john. Remember that scene in the movie Zombieland when the character played by Jesse Eisenberg is sitting in a stall doing his business, and he imagines the head of a clown peaking under the door? Again, most are not vulnerable to that kind of thing, but, are you ever on the seat and you wonder, “Did I lock the door?” Or you look over and there is no toilet paper?

Now that’s vulnerability!

Of course there are other instances. Like driving on a freeway where all the other drivers seem to be texting on their phones.

Then there are those moments –– very few –– when we intentionally become vulnerable. When we’re afraid and admit it. When we’re imperfect (gosh, that’s all the time for me) and don’t want to confess that we’re wrong, or have done something.

Why we’d rather die than admit we’re wrong or afraid or [you-fill-in-the-blank]. 

Men are expected to display a stoic attitude to anything sad or emotionally-laden, for example. Stereotype, I know. But it remains true. We don’t care for “Chick Flicks,” or if we do, are forced into a laugh-response rather than deep sighs or even a tear. Frankly, some of my favorite movies and music render me helpless in that regard.

Stiff upper lip, and all that.

I know for many, being true to who you are is indeed difficult –– especially in the cultural washtub in which we are currently being agitated. But that aside, vulnerability remains the attitude to avoid, as I see it.

Imagine a Hell’s Angel member being vulnerable. Or a Special Forces soldier. Or a lineman for the Buffalo Bills. Or a congressman. Or a president. Or –– these days –– even a Christian.

Man up! Right is right! Don’t tread on me! Hold your ground!

Yet, in my humble estimation, becoming vulnerable opens the doors to so many more possibilities of growth and improvement.


Was Lincoln weak? Was Ghandi, or King? What about Jesus, who was falsely accused and could have commanded a legion of angels to defend and rescue him?

What would vulnerability look like in your life? What tenets and views and other life supports would you have to loosen your grip on to become vulnerable in a way that would open you up to truly make your and the lives of others better?

Scary, huh?

Nah! Just kidding! Forget what I said, just in case you already haven’t.

It ain’t easy being green*.


*Yes I know that’s not the precise quote, but it’s one that won’t get me into copyright trouble. 🙂






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