When “Please” Doesn’t Cut It

29 Jan
Credit: fullyalivecoaching.wordpress.com

Credit: fullyalivecoaching.wordpress.com

When “Please” Doesn’t Cut It
(A parenting/political dilemma)

By  L. Stewart Marsden


Polite, at first
Then, more insistent …
(Wanting the best from what seems the worst)
Angered, frustrated
Adding, “I said
To ears that don’t hear;
To someone who’s hell-bent-for-leather
And whether or not they can even abate it —
The weight of their actions
So fearful and ponderous —
Its consequence thundering down and upon us?
The please, being so proper, so very polite
Is not quite enough.
Please doesn’t cut it; it’s too civil — not tough;
And when “please” doesn’t cut it
It’s time to draw lines.
And where lines have been drawn,
And when lines have been crossed,
Please just doesn’t cut it anymore.


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