The Coming Storm

25 Jan



The sun is rising over Grandfather Mountain, as it has for thousands of years. The temperature has already climbed to 32°, and the forecast promises a clear and very warm day. A change in weather approaches slowly from the west, and will bring more winter-like temperatures — good news for the skiers.

I don’t turn on the TV in the morning anymore. Not until around 4 or 5 PM, and then for the local news, then quick to one of the movie channels so I don’t have to be accosted by the various tirades erupting from so many different places.

I know that eventually the storm in the west, as well as the storm 7 hours east of me, will touch my door. But until then I am content to watch the immutable ridges a crow’s flight away from my back deck, and bathe in the warm rays of the sun.

What will I do when the storms hit?

For the one, I’ll dress more warmly. Light the fire and put on a crockpot of slow-cooking beef stew.

For the other, I will continue to wonder what drives people to do what they do.

I am not sure I’ll have any answers. That’s one thing that happens as you grow older. You have fewer answers. But you also have a gut-level feeling — not so much an assurance, mind you — but a feeling that this, too, shall pass.

I can only hope it will pass quickly, and with as minimal damage as possible. But I know that those in our country left in the wake of Nature’s devastation, have somehow been able to stand back up and rebuild. Changed, scarred, but more resolute.

So I sit and watch today’s sun climb and cross the sky, knowing there are storms coming.

Thank God for coffee.


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