Another entertainer backs out of Trump inaugural events

15 Jan




Freddy Frog, who had announced he would emcee the entertainment line-up for the Trump Inaugural Ball, has announced that pressure from his fans has forced him out of the frying pan and into the firestorm of anti-Trump sentiment that has seen multiple entertainers re-think participating in the event.

“I was hopping — I mean — hoping that I could bring some kind of healing to the amphibians,” he said. But in light of Trump’s twitters about the species, pressure brought to bear resulted in his backing away from his commitment.

“He’s a lousy chicken,” Trump responded in an angry-orange tweet.

His spokesperson said the President-elect meant to say Freddy Frog “tastes like chicken,” an even more demeaning aspersion.

As he was unaware of the growing political heat of his situation, some projected that Frog’s goose would soon be cooked, which offended the geese, who are in the process of gaggling together to protest in Washington.

“HONK Trump!” Blasted one goose whose gander dander was decidedly up. “He’s the guy who stole the golden eggs, and he has never been brought to justice!”

Frog, whose fame comes despite his inability to perform (that’s what SHE said) once the curtain comes up, wistfully made his return to his luxurious lily pad on the Upper East Side along the East River of NYC.

“It’s sad,” he commented. “But it’s better than having your career croaked by the industry.”


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