These are the best nights

18 Jun

These are the best nights

By L. Stewart Marsden

These are the best nights,
The nights of wind whistling through nearby tree tops;
Of clouds sailing quickly across a moon-tinted sky;
Of dark outlines of mountains and the
twinkling eyes of the village below.

These are the nights you want to be quiet,
To listen and observe,
To spectate, and not be an intrusive player,
To watch and not wield,
Meditate and not pontificate.

These are the nights that music
Floats up from the valleys below,
Wistful and mournful,
Laden with hard-bought wisdom
And with a hope for better — how so we do need better.

These are the nights that memories paint misty moments
With those we loved
And those we love
And those we hope to love.
They are the best nights.
The best nights of all.


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