The Toddy

9 Jun

The Toddy

By L. Stewart Marsden

He imbibed, and revived a reckless resolution,
that revealed his constitution —
Unadulterated thoughts —
Liquified, undiluted postulations;

And he tipped and he weaved and he raised loud
The flagon,
Having slipped off the wagon
Into his bacchanalian roars …

He soared in his soul, to the core of his thought
And thoughtlessly railed his foes, one by one,
As his tongue, liberally loosed by his liquored libations
Laid them low to a level of the meanest intentions.

Could he have been so eloquent in a more sobered state?
Perhaps. But he thought not, and thinking not
Continued his lambasting till the bottle ran dry
And then he asked “Why, oh why have all abandoned me?”




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