Hallow’s Eve

30 Oct

Ah, the witching hour has arrived!

Writing Odds n Ends

Hallow’s Eve

By L. Stewart Marsden

The great horned owl has gone a-fowling

Flapping through the misted forest;

In the distance, wolves a-howling —

Baying at the ripened moon;

Soon will come the ghouls and goblins

Seeking treats, but full of tricks;

Moaning, groaning – set on frightening

All who offer scrumptious mixes;

All who open up their door

To these creatures of the moor

That want to bite and tear and chew

Those chocolate morsels filled with goo

And cram their craws with sweet and sour

Until the church bells ring the hour

That Hallow’s Eve has come to past

And ghouls and goblins do at last

Trudge back again to murky swamps

And toppled castles and other haunts

Until the owl flaps once again,

And lonely wolfish howls begin

To fill the air on risen moon,

But, not too soon –

The graved gray sleepers again arise


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One Response to “Hallow’s Eve”

  1. sharmishtha basu November 13, 2015 at 2:05 am #

    loved it.

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