I love you …

25 Sep

I love you

a two Dewars’ conversation

by L. Stewart Marsden


As they sat on the veranda overlooking the lake, the blood-red harvest moon pulled itself into the starry sky. She pondered the thoughts swirling in her mind. Was it the scotch? Was it the gravitational pull of the full moon yanking at her loins? Was it his nearness and yet his remoteness? She breathed in slowly, smelling him.

“I want to tell you something,” she almost whispered, half hoping he wouldn’t hear her.

The lake lapped at the darkened shoreline. An owl hooted in the far bay south of them. A lingering time passed where neither dared break the spell.

“We don’t utter those words here,” he finally answered, rattling the ice in his glass, and taking a sip.

“What words?”

“We never say them here. Here they are poison. Certain death. Like uttering the name of that Potter character the grandchildren banter about.”

“Voldi —”

“Yes. And like his name, those words you’re thinking tend to put people into a trance. Into a stupor from which they can never regain their sensibilities.”

“Ah. Spoken from the heart.”

“Not a whole heart. A very fragmented and wounded one. Stitched together time and again with the merest of threads. A bit of time, as time heals all wounds — right?”

“So they say.”

“Do you hear what I’m saying?”

“Well, yes. But I wonder can we agree to disagree?”

“Seems rather useless. Pretty much a stalemate, I’d say. You won’t get me to budge.”

“Then Mohammed will come to the mountain.”

He laughed. “I’m anything but a mountain, my Dear. More like a hill. A mole hill, in fact. The result of some furry mammal burrowing inches under the soil. An easy prey for a wary cat.”

“You think that’s what I am? A cat?”

“I think you have no idea what you are. Of your power. Of your presence. I am just a contributor along the way to your discovering yourself. I am of no consequence to your future. And I intend to remain in that role. Nothing less, nothing more.”

“Oh. There’s nothing I can do or say?”

“I’m sure there’s a great deal you can do and say. But it would have the same effect as shouting down a storm.”

“And you’re the storm?”

“So you do listen! I was beginning to wonder.”

“And you are warning me?”

“This is a weather advisory, my Dear. You can heed it and save yourself a great deal of heartache, or you can throw caution to the proverbial wind. It’s your choice.”

“You have no choice in the matter?”

“I am what I am, and I go where I go. Some accept me as I am. Others try to bring me down. And still others think they can ride along with me.”

“That’s a helluv an ego you’ve got!”

“It’s about all I’ve got these days. Besides, I never promised you anything else.”

“You haven’t promised me anything.”


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 25 September, 2015

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