National Do-Not-Call Registry App

1 Aug

Thought about this today. We’ll soon be in that time span when all sorts of interruptions will take place due to the ramped up political campaigning. It’s just a story. Unless, of course, YOU’RE the genius working on that Do Not Call app!

Writing Odds n Ends

National Do-Not-Call Registry App
by L. Stewart Marsden

Six p.m. . . .
Time to eat . . .
And just as I’m starting
to take my seat
the telephone
hanging on the wall
starts to ring.
“It’s dinner time . . . now who would call?”

I ask,
and a thin, nasally voice
jumps into her scripted task.

“Mrs. Mellow?”
“Mister. I’m Barry. She’s Marcia.”
“I’m sorry to call at this time . . . ”
“Then, why didja?”
“I’m sorry?”
“You said that already.”
“I’m with WPYA”
“WPYA — we protect your ass-ets?”
“You don’t know?”
“Know what?”
“What you do.”
“Oh! And we’re calling to offer you –”
“Don’t want any.”
“Want any what?”
“You don’t know? Damn, you’re dumb!”
“We’re offering free –”
“Here it comes . . . ”
“Here comes what?’
“Again, you don’t know? And for Godsake don’t say ‘Don’t know…

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