The road to writer’s hell …

12 Jul

The road to writer’s hell …

By L. Stewart Marsden


The saying may as well be about us writers: The road to writer’s hell is paved with good intentions …

For several weeks I’ve had the best laid-out plan for my work for this summer. It has included:

  • Completing rewriting and editing the 2nd edition of Through the Glass Darkly and getting that book uploaded
  • Final edits and rewrites for The Typewriter novella and uploading for eBook download and sales
  • Revisiting The Huguenots, a historic novel on the diaspora of the French Huguenots to Charleston, SC
  • Revisiting The Knighting of Tommy McPhee, a YA novel
  • Working sales for Stinky and the Night Mare
  • Putting together the final elements of Stinky and the Best Sandcastle EVER!
  • Mapping out the second novella pertaining to Roland Dumphreys and his Royal KMM typewriter
  • Mapping out and beginning a new work, The Feral Cat, a suspense/fantasy involving Scottish lore, Indian lore, and the mountains of North Carolina
  • Beginning a new work, The Skitterers, a fantasy/horror piece about the beaches in North/South Carolina (based from my childhood)

Guess what I’ve completed?

Nope, you’re wrong.

Guess again.

You’re getting warmer.

None. Zilch. Nada. Ningún. Zero. Nil.

Two weeks at the beach with the best of intentions. Brought all my computer stuff with the minor exception of my HP TouchSmart screen. Had to buy a laptop (HP 16-inch). Struggled with the new Microsoft desktop software (I HATE IT!!!!!!)

Watched my feet swell up with the heat, sunburn and blister and peel.

Didn’t get to prepare my famous surf ‘n turf meal for my family.

Had a few other challenges along the way … although they weren’t my challenges, but those of my family. Children, specifically.

My 35-year-old son has been battling diverticulitis and several hospitalizations. He missed a family trip (the other family) to Ireland due to being hooked up to a PICC line for ministrations of heavy-duty antibiotics.

He went under the knife this past Friday and I’m headed his way in order to help out where I can. Hope not to get in the way.

Part of me thinks, “Okay, these are valid reasons for not accomplishing the list. Perhaps the list is too long. Perhaps too many items. Eat the cake one piece at a time.

More like one word at a time.

I’ll probably guilt myself for a half-dozen things until things settle down. Settle down, things.

That’s why no poems lately. No short stories. No nothing other than random reactions to sharks, Confederate flags, and other top-of-the-news stuff.

I suppose I’ll live with it.

Does this count as writer’s block?

Honestly, my intentions were good. Really they were.


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 12 July, 2015



One Response to “The road to writer’s hell …”

  1. tomrains July 14, 2015 at 4:47 pm #

    I know the feeling. In WRITING NOVELS THAT SELL, Jack Bickham talks about how he used to write down to-do lists for the day that included up to a dozen different tasks. Squeezed at the bottom was a little reminder: “Write!”

    He said he never got to writing until he realized he had to turn the list upside down. Now, “Write!” was at the top, and mowing the lawn, getting groceries, meeting up with friends, etc, came later.

    But you’re right, some of your reasons seem very valid! It’s hard to know where to draw the line. Writing is difficult, isn’t it? Hmmm . . .

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