Sudden Death

30 Apr

With the NFL draft going on … why not revisit this story?

Writing Odds n Ends

Sudden Death

 the impossible dream

By L. Stewart Marsden

Scott Jeffries stepped up to his offensive line and looked over the defensive secondary. Three linebackers jostled positions, stepping up and away from the line as if to blitz, shifting to the sides.

He fastened his chin strap and slid his hands under the butt of his center, bending down to call out the count.

“Jerzee — mark down,” he shouted down one side of the line, then repeated it to the other side.

He raised his right foot up and back down, signaling the split wideout, who turned and trotted towards Jeffries.

“Chet! Hut! . . . Hut-hut!” he barked.

The football slapped against his open hands, and Jeffries turned and faked a handoff to the wideout, then danced back three steps, looking downfield. He planted his right foot.

Kajil Moore sprinted forward from his split position and drove the…

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