‘Tis a pity!

22 Jan

‘Tis a pity!

By L. Stewart Marsden


The lasses are too young and fair,
‘tis sad to say,
and were I several score aback,
I’d show me prowess, declare me might
to bed some wench on this cold night;
but, truth be known,
I’m old and gray,
and wobbly kneed and quick to sway;
probl’y just a bit too touched
of fine malt Scotch poured out too much;
and whirling, ‘round to mournful pipes
I stop and rue just how me life
has passed – like that – an eye blink’s length.
And ye, young and pretty lass,
are spared me last and final throes;
for ye are far too young and fair,
and I shall fade away to where
I shall no longer be on mind.



Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 22 January, 2015



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