Honorable Mention for Stinky

31 Dec


"Stinky and the Night Mare," by L. Stewart Marsden, illustrated by Jessie Luo

“Stinky and the Night Mare,” by L. Stewart Marsden, illustrated by Jessie Luo


Stinky and the Night Mare has garnered an Honorable Mention under the Children’s Books category in the 2014 New England Book Festival!

The book is written by L. Stewart Marsden and illustrated by Jessie Luo. Both are from North Carolina.

Anna Maria Alberghetti Christiana Gabriella Margaret Anne Jones does not want to sleep in her bed — and is in a snit. Whenever she’s in a snit, her dad lovingly calls her “Stinky.” Luo’s soft illustrations beautifully capture the magical essence of the story.

For ages 3 to 6 or thereabouts, this repetitive story draws listeners into participation with the reader, and ends in a fantastical moment.

Stinky and the Night Mare is available on most major online bookseller sites, as well as a growing list of independent book sellers. Want to follow Stinky on Facebook? Go to Stinky and the Night Mare!

The book is Marsden’s first children’s book, and is published through Warren Publishing, Inc., Charlotte, NC.

“This is the first of many Stinky stories,” said Marsden.


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