O Come, Thou Knight

26 Dec

Reposted after extensive edits. “O Come, Thou Knight” will be included in the 2nd edition of “Through the Glass Darkly,” which I plan to have completed by this spring. Your input is greatly valued.

Writing Odds n Ends

O Come, Thou Knight

by L. Stewart Marsden

She allowed him to come to her every night. Willed him to on some nights. What he did was monstrous, but at the same time, exhilarating. She was not a victim; she was a willing participant. She welcomed the act – reveled in its dichotomy of hell and heaven.

Night came none too soon. The drag of day was tedious and tiresome, and she was exhausted by the time the sizzling sun finally dipped beyond the deep wood. The burnt day – with its moist, cottony, heavy air – cooled as it darkened. It became fresh again, with the stirring of nocturnal breezes and the easy, calming night symphony of its unseen orchestra: crickets and katydids; tree frogs and night owls. Blended melodies lifted against the brushing background sound of swaying oaks and elms. They mixed and stirred a concoction so potent…

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