Free is good.

9 Dec



Free is good. I heard a kid say that once.

Ray Ferrer's cover illustration for Through the Glass Darkly

Ray Ferrer’s cover illustration for Through the Glass Darkly

"Stinky and the Night Mare," by L. Stewart Marsden

“Stinky and the Night Mare,” by L. Stewart Marsden


I give away a free copy of either “Through the Glass Darkly,” or now, “Stinky and the Night Mare” to the person who lands on a one hundred count as far as following my online writing studio (this is the studio).

I go to their WordPress website and leave a message saying so, and asking them to email me for particulars at skipmars at gmail dot com. Did you get that? I write it that way so it won’t get picked up by spiders or phishers or spammers, right?

So, the people who were my 1300 and 1400 lucky guys either A) don’t like my writing, or B) think I’m a prevert and they will be stalked and end up on the local nightly news broadcast.

Or, C) None of the above.

Regardless, I’ve heard nothing from them. So, poo on ’em.

Therefore, I have two books to send out — free! I’m going to restrict the offer to those to people within the continental USA, because frankly, sending a book to Cambodia or the Philippines is pretty darn expensive, and I’m on a fixed income — although most of the time it’s broken. If you don’t know whether you are in the continental USA, google Map of the USA, continental.

So, as I type out this message (it’s 7:31 pm EST in my little North Carolina town), I’m offering you your choice of either “Through the Glass Darkly,” or “Stinky and the Night Mare,” free. No gimmicks. Free. Gratis. Stringless. Not even shipping costs.

And, I’ll sign the copy. You can say “I read him when.”

That’s for the FIRST TWO PEOPLE who follow the instructions. Don’t write a comment — doesn’t count. Liking doesn’t count, either. I already know some of you are going to ignore the instructions I just wrote about not commenting and not liking.

I’ll probably never EVER do this again. Ever.

Unless you are a movie star. Then I’ll reconsider. But, you have to prove it.

By the way: Stinky has her own Facebook page now at — guess where? — Stinky and the Night Mare. There’s a really nice YouTube reading of the book by some guy I don’t even know. I think he did a bang-up job. Ross Merrick is his name, and you can see the video by clicking . . . right . . . here!


— SM


2 Responses to “Free is good.”

  1. InfiniteZip December 10, 2014 at 5:36 am #

    My coffee has not fully kicked in yet, or I am terribly dense this morning…not understanding the instructions …this counts as a comment and I will like too just to go against the rules but I’d love a Stinky book for my neice and I live in the good old USA ☀️ ‘Cause a girl can only try and you can’t fire me for that ☺️ Have a lovely day my friend.

    • skipmars December 10, 2014 at 8:49 am #

      Say this sentence aloud:

      Skip wants me to email him at his email address:
      skipmars AT gmail DOT com.
      He will email me back the particulars. Then I might get a FREE book! YAY!

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