What NC politics and the NFL have in common

21 Oct



What NC Politics and the NFL have in common

by L. Stewart Marsden

This Sunday the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams were in a heated neck-and-neck gridiron battle where the Rams surprisingly had their way with the hapless Seahawks. To everyone’s surprise, even the ESPN cameramen were taken in on a punt return where the Rams fooled the Seahawks along with everyone else in the stadium and the television audience. Two punt receivers for St. Louis awaited a Seahawk fourth down punt. Every special team’s player on the Rams moved in one direction, as if the punt was sailing in one direction, drawing the entire Seahawk team.

The punt, however, curved to the opposite side of the field, and the second punt receiver gathered in the ball and sprinted down the sideline for an uncontested touchdown.

Scullduggery! Trickery! Deception!

Later, hanging onto a 2-point lead late in the game, that same sly Ram organization, FAKED a 4th-down punt and the punter spiraled a pass to an all-alone receiver, who easily ran across the few yards to a first down. Game over!

On that same Sunday, at a predominantly black church in Fayetteville, NC, “pro-Kaye Hagan” fliers were distributed under the wipers of parked cars.

For those of you not familiar with what’s going on in North Carolina, Democrat Senator Kaye Hagan is fighting for her Washington political life against Republican candidate, Thom Tillis. The race, as with the Seahawk-Ram contest, seems neck-and-neck.

According to ABC Fayetteville television affiliate WTVD,

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) — An ugly period in America’s history is now taking center stage in the 2014 elections.

Churchgoers in Cumberland County were left shaken and disturbed when leaving services Sunday morning. They found fliers with images of a lynching plastered on their cars.

Fayetteville police say the fliers appear to be hate materials, and, because there is an implied threat to the president, it’s likely federal agents will now be involved.

The fliers state “Kay Hagan doesn’t win! Obama’s impeachment will begin.” The caption is over a disturbing photo of the lynching of three African-American men from 1920 in Duluth, Minnesota.

The fliers were left on vehicles parked at the Kingdom Impact Global Ministry church on Murchison Road, which has a large African-American congregation.

A church member told ABC11 that she is still upset.

“Truthfully, it reminded me of back in the 50s and 60s — hate mongering, intimidation, voter suppression,” said the woman.

NAACP officials said flyers were left on other vehicles of three other predominantly black churches Sunday. Local NAACP President James Buxton said he thinks the fliers are more partisan politics, than racist in nature.

Scullduggery? Trickery? Deception?

I unintentionally gave the NFL a bad rap by comparing them to NC politics. I apologize.

In one arena, American gladiators pummel each other senseless while the audience calls for “more blood.”

In the other, well-financed professional politicians seek to either break into or protect the paid pleasures of living in Washington and not having any accountability other than to misinformed and pliable and gullible constituents.

I spent quite some time trying to find an image of the flier. When I did, and I began to think about NC politics (which is a headache-inducing exercise), and here are some of the questions that came to mind:

  1. Why in the world did the Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County produce such an emotional piece?
  2. Did they in fact produce and distribute it?
  3. Was Kaye Hagan aware of the flier, and just when did she become aware of it? (Seems that’s the question everyone wants to know. When did you become aware of it? Trendy, don’t you think?)
  4. Could it be — now bear with me on this — could it possibly be that the flier was actually produced by Tillis supporters?
  5. OR, could it be Hagan supporters want to suggest the possibility of the piece originating from the Tillis camp?
  6. OR, could it be Tillis supporters want to suggest that Hagan supporters want to suggest it hies from the Tillis camp?
  7. OR . . . see what I mean?

There exists so much vitriol over politics in North Carolina that almost any state — even New Jersey — appears a pleasanter place to live than here. And this is the state where nothing could be finer! And, as Old Milwaukie said in their beer ads years ago, “Hit don’t git no better’n this!”

Andy! Aunt Bea! Opie! Barney! Gomer! Say it ain’t so!

So, right now, both my Carolina Panthers and my Carolina politics are disappointing. I believe each can improve, although I have more faith in the Panthers than I do the politics.

Just, please! Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly — do NOT go into politics!


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