Old words: new meanings

1 Sep

Old words: new meanings

By L. Stewart Marsden


Each day an old word takes a new hit
and is knocked about,
caroming and careening
until it no longer means the same as it did once;
standing in another place,
viewing from another point,
not safe to use by those confused
and stuck solidly in the past;
the long last understanding is lost,
and its once-fine and perfectly sound usage
spins slowly round the eddy,
and is finally flushed for evermore.

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 1 September, 2014

3 Responses to “Old words: new meanings”

  1. Outlier Babe September 15, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    It’s sad, I suppose,
    When a word dons new clothes;
    Because how does we knows,
    If it comes or it goes?

    Like when NASA torqued “normal”,
    Into something more formal,
    And came up with “nominal”!
    Truly abominal.

    But for one who loves punning,
    And thrills to word-funning,
    Tricky and slippery words are 😏 trés cunning.

    When a bad can mean good,
    When a dog can mean man,
    “Bad dog” can mean one dog
    Less chastised, it can.


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