Life is good; Death is bad

19 Jul




Life is good; Death is bad

by L. Stewart Marsden


Life is good,
and so it is
for those precious few
who land in time and place —
selected to enjoy the best
of wine and food and song
and nothing wrong can be
detected in their rich, full lives.

Death is bad
for in its silencing of those that
have been dealt
that full, full hand
of Aces, Kings and Queens,
it intervenes their pleasure quests
and lowers them into a place
much less than best or good.

And then the mass
who have, alas not benefitted
from a life of good,
who would rather say
that life is bad,
and had a different sway on death —
when breathing out that last life’s breath:
Death is good.


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 19 July, 2014

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