Monkeys to the Rescue: Chapter One

15 Jul


Illustration by J. Day Clarkson

Illustration by J. Day Clarkson


Monkeys to the Rescue!

by J. Day Clarkson

Chapter 1

Barley opened her eyes to see the sun gleaming down in her nest on her tree. She could hear the rush of the river nearby. Her belly growled. Soon The Uprights would come in their strange floating log, and would feed the troop bananas. But until then she would have to search for food.

There was a mango grove that most of the troop liked. Barley liked it too. There were a bunch of other trees, to many to list. But Barley would have to wake up her friend Cherry, to keep her company, but also to watch her back for snakes or lone Uprights.

”Wake up, or the whole forest will be long gone before actually you do!” said Barley.

“Wha–” Cherry muttered groggily.

“It’s time for breakfast,” explained Barley.

Cherry blinked.

“Just get up,” urged Barley.


When Cherry finally got up, Barley said, “Let’s go to the mango grove –”

“And the papaya grove,” interrupted Cherry.

“Right,” muttered Barley, rolling her eyes. Cherry had the habit of interrupting every monkey, and Barley hated being interrupted.

Swinging from tree to tree was easy. The mango grove was only a few trees away.

Plucking a mango from the tree, Barley listened to the forest sounds. A bird calling. Snakes hissing. A sloth on a nearby tree slowly munching on a leaf. She thought of how peaceful the forest was. And, oh, the taste of mangoes was like nothing else! Tasting the sweet and luscious flavor, Barley and Cherry couldn’t help but beam. It made them happy.

“C’mon, let’s go to the papaya trees,” said Cherry.

Eating papayas was just better than mangoes. The soft, juicy flavor filled Barley with happiness all the way back to camp. Then she heard voices.

“The Uprights have arrived,” said one.

“Who’s going for the bananas?” said another.

“Shhh! They’re too near,” said Barley’s mother, Mango. “If you want to go, then you can. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter.”

Barley felt so proud of her. From the calm expression on her face, anyone could tell that Mango was calm and kind. And anyone could see that Barley was Mango’s daughter.They looked so alike, some said, that when Barley grew up, both would not be able to tell the difference of each other.

Barley decided to stay behind. She felt full on mangoes and papayas. When Barley saw that Cherry was staying, too, both felt the need for something to do.

“Make a new nest?” suggested Cherry.

“Nope,”replied Barley, “too boring. Let’s do something interesting.”

“Mess up someone else’s nest, so when it’s bedtime he’ll have to make it up again?”

“I said interesting, not mischievous,” grunted Barley. “I’m going out to explore. I don’t know about you.”

“But what if we get lost?” protested Cherry.

“When you and I can fly, that’ll happen,” reassured Barley.

* * * * *


2 Responses to “Monkeys to the Rescue: Chapter One”

  1. write4lifenluv July 15, 2014 at 7:43 pm #

    That is the work of a child? The rest of us better watch out! Immediately draws you inand keep you there leaving you disappointed to stop reading. Keep going, Kiddo!

  2. Clara Bush July 18, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

    Miss J Day, I love your premise! Wow, you are very talented. Your narrative, dialogue, and character development is captivating. My granddaughter read it also and was drawn in immediately. Her only wish was that there was more. The best of luck to you. Congratulations. Well done. You are starting at exactly the right age.

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