23 Jun






by L. Stewart Marsden


I’m sorry.
I missed that last turn.
It’s a bit much juggling traffic and balancing a scalding cup of coffee
while dodging some lame-brained cabby that thinks
a half-second head’s up is enough as he flips his right blinker
and lunges into my lane —
his yellow cab battle-scarred by slices of red, and green and blue paint —
and you,
blurting your instruction at the same time
as I’m veering nearly onto the sidewalk,
just missing an octogenarian who is wheeling
her groceries up the uneven sidewalk of Amsterdam,
her pug, trotting snottily alongside, inflated with
an undeserved amount of doggy pride,
who I’d just as soon flatten — but don’t —
instead, squealing my brakes and jutting my crooked left arm out the window,
my I.Q. extended at the cabby who nearly ended my life, the octogenarian’s
and the dog’s.
And your response?
Recalibrating. Continue southwest on Amsterdam Avenue
turning right on West 113th Street and head northwest two blocks to Riverside.
Your destination will be on your right.


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 23 June, 2014

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