My muse

18 Jun



My muse

by L. Stewart Marsden


My muse is not of the manor born,
less glamorous,
far more forlorn,
less serendipitous,
less pretentious,
less classic,
more focused on banalities,
more prone to common frailties,
more dross than polished steel or gold,
less young
more old
less vibrant
more cold.

My muse and I
behold at levels trodden down
not flighted up;
not above the fray;
not the championed day;
and I rely on his stark say
of all the things that pass my way
and play upon my mind and thought
until I finally pen what ought to be.

My muse and I, we see things
very differently,
and in that sense I shall therefore
endeavor now and evermore
to prove that less is irrefutably

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 18 June, 2014

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