Poet’s Lariat

16 Jun




Poet’s Lariat

by L. Stewart Marsden


Got my boots and spurs on,
my jeans and my chaps,
my big buckled belt,
my pearl-buttoned shirt,
my old leather vest,
my red-plaid kerchief,
my ten-gallon hat,

And I’m almost sure that
I’m a-ready to mount my mustang, Sally,
and sally forth in a cloud of dust
as I must come back with
a stray poem or two

that you kin enjoy
with your feet kicked up
and a glass knocked back
and your hat tipped down
as you mull all around
the words I have caught
in the prairies out there
where the air cain’t be no finer.

And, hooked on my saddle
is my length of rope
which I hope to spin and twirl and toss
to catch me a poem or more
and wrastle that boy down to the ground
and whip its lines till it’s helpless and done
and I won it fer you, and brought it on back
‘cross the front of my saddle
all spent and slack.

Please enjoy what the poet’s lariat
has caught and brought back to you.


Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, June 16, 2014


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