Running its course

14 Jun





Running its course

by L. Stewart Marsden

He turned to his mirrored self —
the dorianed image he had chiseled and preened
away through the years;

His muscular sheen, once strong and hard
had slipped and fallen and stretched a bit;
yet he still had that something,
at least thought that he did,
that portrayed him taller and certainly ahead
of the no-named second-placers
who never had won.

Yet, it was running its course,
sad to say, he could see
in spite of the nips and the tucks along the way
and the most fashionable fashions
he bedecked himself with
that dorianed image still lay just beyond
the mirrored self that he gazed upon.

So, he smiled teethily,
and picked at a spot — a peppercorn piece —
then he winked, and he turned,
and he hand-pressed his slacks
and went back to the party
where a minor uproar
broke out ‘mongst his guests
as he bowed low once more.

And his image — true image —
watched from back of the glass
and waited, self-assured that time still passed
and was running its course.

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 14 May, 2014


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