The Rock and the Knight

23 May


Don Quixote by Salvador Dali

Don Quixote
Salvador Dali



The Rock and the Knight

by L. Stewart Marsden


I was the rock you chose to scale
The pinnacle from which to see
The leeward shelter from each storm
The harbor into which you’d sailed.

I was the knight you held aloft
Who rode a noble valiant steed
Whose armor shone like polished steel
Whose heart was strong, yet warm and soft.

Who matched the meter of your verse
Who fleshed your fantasies to fact
Who knelt and bade you for your hand
Forever good, or ever worse.

Now but a rubble — stone and sand
where no advantage can be got
where there’s no protection from the storms
Nor from the seas or from the wind, and

Gone the stalwart, strong brave heart
Who’s now astride a boney nag,
Whose armor’s but a rusted shell
Who’s lost the luster from that start

And goes to find another trail
Perhaps to other distant lands
Where lasses aren’t idyllic there
And stories can be ended well.

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 23 May, 2014

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