The threat of an educated person

7 May



The threat of an educated person

By L. Stewart Marsden

It is not the first time education — and those seeking to better their education — has come under attack.

Likely, it will not be the last time as well.

Educated people have presented a threat for thousands of years.

To monarchs.

To heads of state.

To popes and other religious leaders.

To despots and tyrants and dictators and fascists and communists and extremists at either end of whatever spectrum; to revolutionists and all other -ists.

To members of an ethnic congregation.

To fear mongers.

To illiterates and the uneducated.

The educated have been attacked, whisked away, imprisoned, abused, tortured, murdered, executed and more.

It isn’t that educated people are guaranteed anything over the uneducated.

It is that they are supplied with a tool that the fearful and uneducated do not possess — a way of finding answers that skip over millennia of discovery.

They don’t have to rediscover fire, or gravity, or effective ways to communicate.

They don’t have to repeat the past, or make the same mistakes, or reduce themselves to self-involved pools of narrow-mindedness.

If they use education properly.

Fear of education.

Fear of a power greater than a machete, or machine gun, or imprisonment or worse.

Learn to love to learn.

Value its miraculous powers.

Do not let those that fear it destroy it. Here in your community, or in any other community as well.



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