The Final Stand, Act One Under Construction

6 May

The Final Stand





this week.


I am completing the first draft of Act One of  The Final Stand this week, and will be contributing very little to my blog as a result.

The Final Stand is a stage dramatization of Guy de Maupassant’s classic short-story, “Boule de Suif,” which is originally set in France during the Franco-Prussian was in the 1870s.

I’ve chosen to take the scenario and transplant it to December 1864 in Savannah, GA and parts of South Carolina.

Southern civilians are escaping from Wm. Sherman’s march to the sea, hoping to find sanctuary in other parts of the country. They are headed for Charleston, where other means of transportation will remove them from further risk.

De Maupassant was France’s O’Henry, and wove a tale of class conflict, judgment and fickleness in his tale of irony.

My goal is to complete Act One this week. For those familiar with the story, Act One ends on a climactic note when Madame Rousset reveals to her traveling party the real demands of the Prussian officer.

The tale lends itself quite nicely to the new location.

When the rough draft has been completed, I will look for those willing to read it with a critical eye. If you have experience in the theatre, and would be willing to critique Act One, let me know by comment below.




BTW: You can find and read de Maupassant’s “Boule de Suif” online. It should be free to download in a series entitled Original Short Stories, Vol. 1.


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