Don’t tip the canoe

15 Apr



Don’t tip the canoe

by L. Stewart Marsden

“Don’t tip the canoe,” said Tyler to
a large kid who was rockin’ the boat,
“or we’ll all get wet, and you can bet
they’ve put man-eating fish into this moat.”

“Sit down, you clown, before we all drown,
or those archers up there loose a hundred barbs
into the air down on us hard and the boat is mussed with blood and gore,
OR the dragon rises from the depths
and roars his breath of flame and toasts all or most of us —
and you will be to blame!” said Tyler to the same lame kid.

Who flipped his lid, got really mad and bounced about
without any thought to stop rockin’ the boat
or tippin’ the canoe
he knew old Tyler would come unglued and stand straight up
and show his stuff and go into the drink
and everyone else would stop and think,
“Tip the canoe and Tyler, too!”



Another pun-ditty, copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 15 April, 2014. Tax day.


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