Buying Time

14 Apr




Buying Time

by L. Stewart Marsden

Not sure what the exchange rate is these days for time. It varies — but only on a personal one-to-one basis. In a crowd, for example, there is probably a mix of people who need time to speed up or slow down. There are a few who are oblivious to it and frankly, don’t care one way or other.

Inevitably, all are conscious of it, and do have a real need for things to slow down or to speed up.

Not sure where you go to purchase it. Maybe the plastic surgeon. Maybe a health food store. Maybe to the bank for a loan extension, or filing an extension for your tax return. Perhaps the teacher delays the deadline for your term paper, or reschedules that big test to next week.

However it is you manage to buy it, the result is pretty much the same: a great big sigh of relief!

Whew! That Botox and tummy tuck pulled a few years off my stretchy skin! Ah, those multivitimins will boost my resilience to all sorts of aging factoids! Yes! I have 90 more days to get paid up on my mortgage or my car payment! Thank god I can wait a couple of months before filing! No need to start my research! I’ll cram next week, after this weekend at the lake!

I do this all the time. Buy time. Or just plain ignore it and hope it will go away.

But, time has a way of catching up.

The sags, bags, and other body lags just won’t snap back. Plus, additional creaks and leaks beset the body as well.

Health food becomes like cardboard. And how many daily dosage containers can one person keep track of?

Taxes. They just come back year after year. Never stop. Like the tide.

Debt piles up and accrues interest, which is not very. Interesting, that is.

The term paper comes due, the teacher says “Get out a piece of paper,” and the theme to Dragnet (click here) plays in your head.

Like I said, time has a way of catching up, of slipping through your fingers, of sneaking up on you and catching you off your guard.

Pretty clever/nasty little booger, time is.

Would love to stick around, but don’t have the  time.


One Response to “Buying Time”

  1. nimslake April 15, 2014 at 2:25 pm #

    How true, ugly little bugger, Time. Great post.

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