My brother’s birthday

4 Apr



It’s my brother’s birthday.  His name is John. I was a terrible big brother. Terrible.

Jealous. Bullying. Did I say jealous? Terrible.

He is between four and five years younger than I.


Not him. Me. I can’t get over it. I’ve tried to apologize many times to no avail.



Remember Jimmy Dean before he became the sausage king?

He had a weekly variety television show here in the US. For all you non-Jimmy Dean fans, he is/was a country singer. Now I think he just does sausage commercials. And owns Jimmy Dean Country Sausage.

He recorded a hit song, “Big Bad John.” That was in the early 60s, I think.

Terrible. Not the song. Me.

I rewrote the lyrics and named it “Little Bitty John.”

Terrible. The song and me.

My dad had a book titled “Poems for the John” that he hung on a gold-painted plunger in the basement bathroom.

Terrible. Not the book. That was funny. And don’t think I didn’t take advantage of the term “john” being a reference for the toilet and bring it up all the time to my brother.


Anyway, if you would like to help me make amends and redeem myself so my brother will put me back in his will, and would like to wish my brother John a Happy Birthday today (April 4), then email him a birthday wish in care of my email address: skipmars at gmail dot com, and I will forward it to him. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Terrible. I was simply terrible. Did I mention I was jealous of him?

So send him a birthday greeting. And mention what a good older brother I am and how lucky he is to have me.

Terrible. Simply terrible.


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