Through the Glass Darkly monthly free story

2 Apr

April’s free story from Through the Glass Darkly: O Come, Thou Knight

Writing Odds n Ends

This month’s free short story, a selection from Through the Glass Darkly, can be downloaded along with 14 more stories by going to

O Come, Thou Knight

by L. Stewart Marsden

She allows him to come to her every night. Wills him on some nights. What he does is monstrous, but exhilarating.

She is not a victim, but a willing participant. She welcomes the act – revels in its dichotomy of hell and heaven.

Night comes none too soon, as the drag of day is tedious and tiresome. She is exhausted when the sizzling sun finally dips beyond the deep wood.

The burnt day moistens into cottony, heavy air, cooling as it darkens. It freshens with stirred, nocturnal breezes, and the easy night symphony of its unseen orchestra. Crickets and katydids; tree frogs and night owls. Their blended melodies sift through the brushing sound of swaying oaks and…

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