Less laundry to do

20 Mar


Less laundry to do
by L. Stewart Marsden

Less laundry to do, now that you’re gone;
and the food and the booze last a bit longer, too.
Don’t have to get your permission to do
what I want to do, now that you
have gone your separate way.

There’s lots to say ’bout the convenience of this,
less to remark on the things that I miss
because so many things are really not missed —
well, perhaps some of the hugs
and some of the kisses.

But there is so much more than hugs and kisses —
there’s a storehouse of things that I had been missing
before the door slammed on your angry way out
and I stammered, amazed, then finally shouted
“Good riddance!” which hung in the air there a very long time.

So now I’m beginning to build a new life
that’s no longer impeded by anger and strife
and it should feel incredibly freeing, and yet
I’m the victim of mem’ries so hard to forget
That I grew so accustomed to which you left in the wake

Of your stormy departure, and yet I am sure you
have hidden, most nefariously,
things to remind of the times you and I shared,
when we laughed and we cried and when we both cared
beyond the bad times, you and me.

So those are the stains that will never come clean
that hang in the air and to the hallways still cling,
however sublime, and bring back to mind,
a time we both thrived, me and you,
but now? There’s definitely less laundry to do.


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