The First Gandhi

24 Feb


The First Gandhi
by L. Stewart Marsden

Didn’t have the paparazzi
or reporters tucked in tight
broadcasting day and night
his every move and word.

Wasn’t such a handsome sight
despite the paintings through the years
of long blonde hair and deep blue eyes —
he was of ordinary look*.

Nonetheless he was despised
and background plots were laid and hatched
along the pathway that he took
a journey that was ne’er forsook.

Not a leader of the fight
he frustrated his own cavalcade;
the points he made were soft
but hard of truth.

What he sought could not be seen
could not be heard both far and near
by those who wanted more — demanded right —
and then he seemed to leave the fight.

An eye, an ear, a tooth, a life
were never parts of his exchange
were not the reason for the strife
that crossed his feet and opened up his arms.

He was the first Luther,
The first Lincoln,
The first King,
The first Gandhi.

The first, from eons long, long past.
And, he will continue till the last.

*Luke 4:30. Doctor Luke does not explain how this happened. He wasn’t there according to some scholars. But I’ve heard it explained that because Christ was common-looking, few recognized him. I like that explanation far better than him powering on a force field or using some miraculous way that kept the crowd from apprehending him. That would have, in a way, mimicked the wilderness temptation of Satan, who dared him to throw himself off a pinnacle and let angels keep him from hitting the rocks below.

After all, later in the Garden of Gethsemane he was fully apprehendable, just not comprehensible.

I could be wrong. Have been before, and will be again.


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