Time on my hands

11 Apr


I’ve got time on my hands
and don’t know what to do;
it’s a luxury and
also a burden, too.

I feel obligated
to do or act or – what?
Why this inner discomfort?
Why this need to plot?

If it’s this turmoilish to tarry,
then, how to retire?
How big an adjustment?
Why not just expire?

Go out with a bang
At the peak of the race?
Careen off the road
At an incredible pace?

Or, could it be
that slowing down’s not so bad?
Giving time to reflect
on the time that I’ve had?

I suppose, in itself,
that might not be so great –
looking back at the stumbles,
and all the mistakes.

At any rate,
I’ve got time on my hands,
Don’t know quite what to do –
It’s a luxury, and,
a bit of a burden, too.


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