Maryly’s One Hundred Three

7 Apr


She came but for a tick in time,
and lingered for one hundred three,
before she left, quite quietly.

“She was baptized?” the cleric asked.
“Baptized?” Mom asked, eyes red and moist.
“Baptized?” Dad asked, eyes red with ire.

The cleric’s eyes betrayed his dread,
He hung his head, and said a prayer
not knowing absolutely where
Their Maryly was to be.

“Out!” shouted Dad —
Opening the door,
And closed it to his future faith
as the shaman left the room,
murmuring over Maryly’s doom
for lack of water in a bowl.

Where is the Grace in acts like that?
That takes a mere one hundred three
and closes for eternity
the meaning of a life — and lives?

This cleric, with such brevity,
harmed for all eternity
the very possibility
that one dad and mom
could stand the loss
beyond the number one hundred three —
the days of our dear Maryly —

And all because
the cleric’s laws
demanded quite peculiarly
a bowl of water
e’er Maryly’s
completion of one hundred three.

Photo: Graham Marsden. Facebook: MarsdenMedia


3 Responses to “Maryly’s One Hundred Three”

  1. Catherine Dexter April 7, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    Ah. That’s really sad. 😦

  2. RoSy April 7, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    Oh sweet Maryly…an angel no doubt.
    Rest in peace precious baby xo


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