The Gun, the Bad, and the Ugly

25 May

The Gun, the Bad, and the Ugly
by L. Stewart Marsden

“Are you dangerous?”

“Not particularly so.”

“But, how can I trust you? How do I know?”

“I am useful. You can use me.”

“How’s that? What is your utility?”

“I clean things up. I make them right.”

“The way you say it — fills me with fright.”

“Oh, no need to fear! I restore things to the proper end.”

“So you consider yourself to be a friend?”

“The best there is. Good to the last drop!”

“Yet, I hesitate — my head tells me ‘Stop!'”

“That’s just your head. Listen, please, to your heart!”

“Mine’s deceitful. Has been from the start.”

“Oh, c’mon! Give your heart one more chance.”

“Mine’s only good for hurt or romance,

and I doubt its advice. It has wounded me so.”

“Well, then! I can definitely help here, I know!

Remember, I said I bring things to good end?

that I am really your last and best friend?

and YOU said your heart lies — like a staunch enemy?

and has caused you to cry and despair internally?

Well then! Pick me up, hold me close, get a grip on your life!

Put your heart in its place — stop this horrible strife!

It takes but a moment — and all things will be right

and you’ll be released from this nightmarish fright!”

“Oh! I see! You make sense to me now!

I’m thinking this through, and your reason, somehow,

is persuading me hence to take matters in hand

and make, finally,  my heroic stand!”

“And, won’t it be grand?

See? I’m not the danger you supposed.”

“You’re right. I guess my mind was filled with those

lethal delusions that paint you as bad.”

“Right! Guns never killed — to believe that is sad!”

“So, you’re NOT dangerous!”

“Not particularly so.”

“Okay, then! Here we go!”

3 Responses to “The Gun, the Bad, and the Ugly”

  1. boomiebol May 25, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    Hmnnn…sharing on twitter. Thank you!!!


  2. Sandi August 13, 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    Shared on Facebook. Hope that’s okay. Well, too late now. I love your conversations.


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