After the Storm

16 May

After the Storm
by L. Stewart Marsden

It’s not raining any more.
Not sure what’s in store
‘spec’lly after that big downpour.

Sunlight streams
like laser beams
through the big oak canopy seams,

spotlighting bits of grass,
a mottled morass
from the tempest that finally passed.

Will it hold?
Will the Sun’s tale be told
Till the storm’s mem’ry is cold?

Ah! Another tiny cloud
yet without the loud
timpani of crowded nimbi —

Shall I trust?
Shall I thrust my hope?
Must I trust

the rinsed blue sky
who cannot deny
she may still yet cry?


2 Responses to “After the Storm”

  1. Fiona Pimentel May 16, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    I like the imagery of this poem

    • skipmars May 17, 2012 at 7:02 am #

      Thanks, Fiona. I tend to be a visual writer. Except when I’m not!

      BTW: A phishing warning popped up when I clicked to reply.

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