When He Went

7 May

When He Went
by L. Stewart Marsden

When he went
he didn’t go and slam the door
didn’t make a grand statement
or fling his fouled life
in our face.

When he went
he didn’t whimper, didn’t cry,
didn’t wail or wonder why
his last was filled with strife
and not with grace.

When he went
his eyes were closed
and those around him wearily wept
as he slumbered and he slept
his last few breaths away.

When he went
He didn’t know
the time or place or any face
crowded in his dying space
all hoping he would stay.

When he went
Cool emptiness filled up the room
signaling his final doom
to leave the places he had roamed
and turn to something new.

When he went
He left a cache of memories
of times and places wherein he
made everything like home.
He went when he was through.

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