Sculling the Christiana

10 Apr

Sculling the Christiana
by L. Stewart Marsden

Cold and clear,
Bone-chilling if you’re near
But watching, not rowing

The rowers are going down and up
The Christiana;
“Stroke, stroke, stroke”
The bloke with the megaphone
Calls and chides
As his free ride glides over mirrored water.

Feather, feather, feather your oars
Like sleek gliding geese;
Parallelled wings that dip and glide
All in stride, vertically astride;
“Stroke, stroke, stroke.”

Thinking, early, chilly, glassy, morn,
Swiftly borne in their sleek and light hull,
Culling back and culling forth;
A sun-neared morn
On the misty Christiana.

Day Ten of the National Poetry Month challenge to write a poem a day. Aboard the Kalmar Nyckel, early each morning and at the end of each day, Scullers from the University of Delaware practice their rowing skills on the Christiana River.


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