The Kalmar Nyckel

7 Apr

The Kalmar Nyckel
by L. Stewart Marsden

Long ago, o’er three hundred years
Her ancestral namesake sailed,
And topped the mighty roils of sea,
And faced the dart-like wind-swept sting
Of Neptune’s salty tears.

With sharpened spires that stabbed the sky;
Sails unfur’led, with bloat and billow
Drove this steed upon its course
Heaving heav’nward, hauling hellward
Never stopping to ask “Why?”

Starry maps to guide her way
Watery depths to threaten her
Vaunted pilgrimage, yet lesser known
‘Gainst more historic, more disastrous
Attempted journeys of the day.

Hail the Kalmar, eight times safely ‘cross the gap
With none the loss along the way;
Immigrants, settle-ers, soldiers
Crew and cargo, safely met
Upon finishing her watery laps.

Now anew, reborn to sail,
To herald history long dismissed
To the hope-hearted, who turn to see
A water-borne vessel to somewhere new
Where an honest life can again prevail.

Day 7 of The National Poetry Month Challenge. Written from aboard the Kalmar Nyckel.


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