All the clocks are broken

5 Nov

by L. Stewart Marsden

All the clocks are broken,

Least, near as I can tell,

Oh sure, they look like they’re okay

But they’re not working well.

For instance, they begin to slow

Just ‘fore each special day

(Like Christmas, or the end of school,

Or near my next birthday).

A gear gets stuck, the clock hands crawl –

Ten minutes lasts an hour . . .

I’m telling you, as far as Time,

The clocks have too much power!

Like when you need some extra ticks

To take a test, or sleep –

Those hands fly round their circled field

Like dogs loosed from their keep.

I know it’s a conspiracy,

A mean and nasty plot,

To shorten or to lengthen

All the days and hours I’ve got.

It’s not just me. There’s others know

(Some grownups and some kids);

That tactics of time monitors

Have left us on the skids.

Like, when she visits every year

My Gramma says to me,

My gosh, the time has sure flown by,

You’re taller than a tree!”

And Dad, when Mom and he are late

To some bigwig affair

Complains, “She sets her clock for turtle time,

We’ll never make it there!”

The problem is, near as I know,

There is no way to trace

The slowings and the goings

On any timepiece face.

When one speeds up they all agree,

There’s no clockwork dissent.

When one slows nearly to a stop

They concur and they consent.

So here we are, the lot of us

At the mercy of these fiends

That speed and slow at their cruel whim,

And dangle us like beads.

We could, of course, rebel and fight –

Resist the time regime;

Not worry ‘bout how long or when,

But sit back, quite serene.

Give Time its place and move along

As Life will lead us through;

And all the clocks, through ticks and tocks,

Will give us time that’s true.

The reality, it’s sad to say,

Is we won’t change one bit,

But continue on the status quo

And here, in Time, we’ll sit.


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